Telecom/Communication/Multimedia Sector


Offering skilled employee services in the Telecoms, Communication, and Multimedia sector is vital, considering the rapid advancements and widespread adoption of technology in this field. Here are some strategies to enhance your services and cater to the specific needs of companies in this industry:

:- Technical Expertise: Employ a team of professionals with strong technical expertise in telecom and communication technologies. Having knowledgeable staff will enable you to better understand the requirements of your clients and find the most suitable skilled employees for their projects.

:- Understanding Diverse Technologies: The Telecoms and Communication sector comprises a wide range of technologies and equipment. Ensure that your team is well-versed in various aspects, including wireless equipment, broadband, VSAT antennas, unified access service, fiber optic products, router boards, remote network service.. etc.


BE / Diploma – EC, Computer, IT, Telecommunication, Networking, Embedded, CCNA, Laser And Optical Technology, Robotics Technology, Creative And Digital MEDIA, Animation


  • Network Engineer
  • Services Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Installation